We give efficiency and rentability to the agricultural industry.

Facing the new challenges of the agroindustry.
Monitoring, Integration, Analysis and Management.

One dashboard system that allows for decisions in real time.

Integration with multiple technologies, sensors of IoT and robotics of Agriculture.

Alerts in crisis situations adaptable to different devices and automated reportability.

The Agriculture risks monitored with business intelligence.

For Xmartic, the solution of dangers of this kind of bussines is the step to the Digital Transformation through TrackitAgro, a system that proposes a renewed way to monitoring the agri-industrial environment in real time, achieving a broad knowledge of the production process.

What we do?

Smart Monitoring for the Agroindustry


It gives a detailed and global vision of each of the aspects that make up the productive processes of the agro-industrial environment. Because it is a solution embedded in the cloud, it allows you to collect information from multiple sources, analyze it and deliver indicators for business management.


Integration with autonomous monitoring centers, in energy and transmission, measuring variables such as soil moisture at different depths, atmospheric field variables (Temperature, Environmental Humidity, Conductivity, Luminosity, Radiation, etc).


TrackitAgro consolidates information about variables in the different phases of the agroindustrial process, whether from the development of traditional crops or inside greenhouses, cold storage chambers or from the sorting lines in packings.


It facilitates the operation of agroindustrial businesses in any agricultural context such as fields, greenhouses, cold storage centers and packing plants, delivering data that can be useful for making efficient decisions in the face of crisis, as well as to enhance the business model.

What are its functionalities?

TrackitAgro allows agribusiness companies:

Real Time

Overview of data under analytics and management for real-time decision making.

Satellite monitoring of soils to measure vigor, water stress and weather forecast or analysis of multispectral images captured by drones.


Receive alerts via email or SMS when any critical variable is outside the operating range.

Obtain daily automated general management reports or select them by a particular field of interest.


A solution that allows access from any mobile device that’s connected to the internet.

Integration of more specific sensors is possible for particular activities.

Other benefits

Satellite World

Integration with analytical satellite and aerial monitoring of soils, delivering satellite images or captured from drones.


We enable equipment with our own sensors in the field or we integrate others within your operation, to introduce improvements in the processes.


Our system is deployed in a dashboard with indicators, generating statistics, reports and alerts in real time, as well as immediate responses to a crisis.


A solution by Xmartic

TrackitAgro is a technological solution created by Xmartic, a company who specializes in the development of monitoring, analytical and management systems in Chile and Peru. We have worked with different sectors such as agribusiness, health, retail and Nagios.

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